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Now in its second season, Marisa’s Easy Kitchen continues to secure the highest ratings and viewership with Cable 14. For the past 50 years, Cable 14 has established itself as a unique hyper-local focused media outlet in the Greater Hamilton community (Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas, Stoney Creek, Flamborough, Caledonia and Hagersville). Subscribers tune into Cable 14 approximately 28,000 times each day and it is available in over 100,00 households in the hamilton area. A popular bi-weekly cooking series, you can watch Marisa’s Easy Kitchen many times during the week. 

3 ways to watch


If you subscribe to Cable 14, search the showtimes at and pick a convenient day and time to watch on TV.

Video on demand

Watch Marisa’s Easy Kitchen using video-on-demand at for subscribers.

Live Stream

If you are not a Cable 14 subscriber, watch Marisa’s Easy Kitchen online during its scheduled broadcasts. Available at, anyone with internet service can watch Cable 14.

Marisa's patio party

Nothing like a beautiful summer day to enjoy the patio! Family, friends, and food are the perfect ingredients for a party!

Marisa's Easy Christmas

Take a quick peek with two of Marisa’s sweetest guests on her Christmas special… her daughter, Eliana and her niece’s daughter, Danica! 

Pasta E Ceci - Festitalia Hamilton

Dinner By Marisa Mariella and Valentina Spadafora                                          This is an authentic humble meal loved by all Donnicesi! Served annually at the Donnici Club Regional Dinner during Festitalia, this dish is incredibly delicious and satisfying!


5 ways to transform Panettone into a different dessert

Panettone is a Christmas staple in many Italian homes. If you were gifted one or have leftovers. Marisa Mariellea of Marisa’s Easy Kitchen has fancy ways to turn it into a different dessert.



Here’s how cooking and baking can improve your mental health

Do you see cooking and baking as a chore rather than an opportunity to promote mental wellbeing?

TV chef Marisa Mariella joined Annette Hamm on Morning Live to share how spending time in the kitchen can improve your mental health.



How to be conscious in your cooking

Whether it’s making a sandwich or preparing a meal, how conscious are you of what you’re doing with your food? Cooking instructor Marisa Mariella told us why it’s so important.



What is the connection between good food and a good mood?

Eating well is a big part of feeling well physically and mentally. Cooking instructor Marisa Mariella showed us how to find the good food- good mood connection this time of year.


Tasty baking ideas to help boost your spirits

If you are someone that bakes, you probably know the wellness effects it can have. With simple ingredients and uncomplicated steps, our guest Marisa Mariella brings recipes that everyone can benefit from. She joined us with some tasty baking ideas to boost your spirits.


Here's What to do when you've overcooked meat, cake or cookies

Afraid of making mistakes in your kitchen? Cooking instructor Marisa Mariella made some on purpose to show us valuable life lessons.


Cultivating creativity in the kitchen

We got help sparking creativity when it comes to making food. Marisa Mariella of Marisa’s Easy Kitchen says it starts with tiny changes.


Easy recipes using local produce to help cook up motivation in the kitchen

Not feeling motivated when it comes to making a meal? Marisa Mariella of Marisa’s Easy Kitchen wants to change that by showing how a few local ingredients can breathe new life into cooking and baking.